Current Conditions at East Pond, Maine

Current Weather Conditions at East Pond, Maine

As of: 08/17/18 8:51p

Temperature: 70.6°F Dewpoint: 65.2°F
Humidity: 83% Wind Chill: 70.6°F
Wind: SE at 0.0 mph THW Index: 72.1°F
Barometer: 1013.7 mb and Steady Heat Index: 72.1°F
Today's Rain: 0.00 in Yearly Rain: 0.47 in

Lake Temperature @ 2 Meters
Temperature @ 2 Meters

Wind Gusts
Wind Gusts

Sunrise: 5:45a     Sunset: 7:42p

This weather station is located on the shore of East Pond. Data is also being provided to the Citizen's Weather Observer Program (CWOP) and can be seen here.