Following are a few things you can do to keep our lakes safe and clean.

  • Reduce the amount of cleared land and road surfaces on your property.
  • Use non-phosphate detergents and brighteners.
  • Contribute to the East Pond Funds for Preservation and Milfoil Prevention.
  • Inspect your boat carefully for plants; call BRCA at 207-495-6039 for help in plant identification
  • Eliminate boat wake near the shoreline and in shallow coves. Take skiers and tubers to center of the lake. State law requires no wake within 200 feet of shore. Propeller wash disturbs lake sediment up to 6 ft. below surface
  • Respect the loons and their privacy. Keep your distance, especially near nesting areas
  • Observe ‘No Wake’ in Serpentine
  • Work with your camp road volunteer to improve your road (call Ed Cornwall at 207-465-3041)
  • Recycle cans and bottles at Tri Pond Variety. ┬áLeave in front of the recycle center in plastic bags with East Pond Association written on them. $.06 per can goes to our funds!